Friday, July 2, 2010

In which Shana revisits summer shoes

About 3 years or so ago I got myself my second pair of ballet flats. I had gotten the first pair about a year or so before and I kind of fell in love with the idea.

You have to keep something in mind. I'm pretty short, so to compensate, I've been wearing high heels since I was 15 or so. Maybe a little older, I know I really got into them when I broke up with PXB.

I know, most people who know me now think, 'But Shana, you love chucks, and boots and sneakers!?!'

To which I'd respond that I do, but I also have a love/love relationship with high heels. I've even got a pair that I call my 'sensible walking heels' that I can walk in all day without too much issue.

Anyhow, back to the ballet flats. I'd been kind of against them 0n principle, because honestly, most of my pants were tailored a little long (because of the heels) and really, why did I want to accentuate how short I am? But I fell in love with this cute pair that laced up my ankles and I was sold.

So when I found a pair of black fishnet ballet flats, I dropped everything and bought them. Those puppies were MINE and no one was going to stop me.

And those, much like the ones I bought before, I still have. And I suspect they're on their last legs.

This, faithful readers, makes me VERY sad. I ADORE my fishnet ballet flats. They are seriously my #1 go to shoe in the summer (well besides the black flip flops I picked up that same year that are pretty awesome).

Part of me wants to see if I can get the soles repaired, since the rest of the shoe is perfectly intact... but part of me wonders if it's worth it.

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