Friday, July 9, 2010

In Which Shana really wants to get started on her skin

There are a few tattoos I want to get.

I'm mostly holding off because I don't want to get them fixed when I lose weight, but I've got them all planned out.

Starting at my feet.

The top of the left foot - the Disney Cheshire cat
The top of the right foot - American McGee's Cheshire cat
on the inside of both wrists - runes, 4-6 depending on the size. I'm not 100% sure which ones I want to get yet.
The back of my neck - Something to do with bunny. Again, not 100% planned.
My back - This will be the big epic piece. I'll have to work with an artist, because I want it to be steamy, winged, and rather than having straight up gears or a clock, I'd like to add in a dream catcher of some sort.
And finally
The front of my left shoulder (because it's close to my heart) - the super kitty design that Nak is working on... I think I've got a second commission idea to go along with it to go on my right shoulder, but more on that later.

so I need to cut this 32 inches off my frame so I can get started on this stuff!

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