Friday, July 23, 2010

In which Shana is too self conscious

Yesterday I went to orientation at my new job. Because I'm not sure what the dresscode is (although the director I met with on my interview was in jeans and a tshirt) I figured I'd play it safe.

I decided to wear a black shirt dress, with a black leather star studded belt. And because I was headed to the city and wanted to have my stuff with me, I brought one of my big bags (a big shiny patent leather one). And to cap it all off, I was wearing a pair of funky wedge heels.

It's a really cute outfit, if I do say so myself (I got a photo of it... but it's not a great one, you know... but you get what you get) and I was feeling pretty good.

Anyhow... I walked from downtown STC to my moms house. Now, the most direct route to walk down is up a street that is known for it's prostitutes and drug dealers. Not that big of a deal really, because I mean, if you leave them alone they leave you alone.

I gave you that little bit of backstory, because of what happens next in my story.

As I walked up this street, I had to cross the street in front of this truck with 2 older guys in it. The guy in the passenger seat totally LEANED OUT THE WINDOW as they drove past. I thought it was a little weird but moved on... until another driver did the same damned thing.

And I started to worry that perhaps they thought I looked like a prostitute.

Neurotic girl is Neurotic.

I wish I was the kind of person who could just take a compliment... but I worry too much.


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