Tuesday, July 13, 2010

In which Shana Geeks out Zombie style

I've been playing a bit of Left 4 Dead 2 lately. and having a great time of it.

I apologize for this post. It's likely a steaming pile of crap and I'd avoid skipping it to be honest. I've been attempting to write this stupid thing all night and I'm getting no where.

There are a lot of zombie shooter games out there. some you solo, some you can play online with friends, but there's often a common theme to them all.

You're just playing through random maps and holding off the horde for a predetermined amount of time.

Sure, it's fun at first. Who doesn't like slaughtering a zombie or 1000? But it gets boring after a while.

Cooperatively playing throughout the games missions are a lot more fun.

The Left 4 Dead Series is a prime example of how this works. (so is Borderlands too, but I haven't played that in a while). Currently I have a group of people that I play L4D2 with and it's awesome. There are missions that you need to complete, and you're following the story of 4 survivors who are trying to get away from the infected.

Anyhow, the game is freaking awesome and it's super good fun to play with friends.

There is just one downside to it though, and this is a downside that pretty well all cooperatively played games has.

They don't multiplatform.

For the unintiated, what I mean is that a game that comes out on 3 different platforms (PC, PS3 and Xbox360) and you can only play with people on that same platform. Which is awesome if everyone you know has the same system, but poses problems if they don't.

It means that you either need to get multiple copies of a game, or just not be able to play with your friends. The very prospect that my friends and I could have the same game and not be able to play that game together makes me a little sad.

Because who doesn't want to do things like kill zombies with their friends?

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