Thursday, July 15, 2010

In which it's the little things

I gotta be honest, there's some really stupid shit going on right now.

It's mostly my own fault. I tend to expect people to be what they appear to be, and when they appear as flaky people who clearly don't know what they want...

Well it fucks with my sensibilities.

Anyhow, between various conversations with people, the stress over a new job and... other things.... I haven't been sleeping lately. And because of a stupid stomach bug I seem to have picked up, I tend to have to function without coffee.

Yeah... this little princess has not been able to drink coffee without dire effects for a few days. Colour me cranky! (which, by the by, happens to be kind of a purply shade)

So, all these things considered, when I went to sleep at 10am the other morning, I was a ball of misery. Like, HARD CORE CRY MYSELF TO SLEEP miserable. It was, to be perfectly honest, pretty terrible. BUT, I managed to get a couple hours of sleep and when I woke up, I was anything but ready to face the world.

Then I, being the Internet addict I am, checked twitter and got a lovely surprise that helped remind me that I need to keep my misery in check from time to time. One of my friends who may or may not be a part of a circle of knitting minions that may or may not exist did some lovely artz.

I'll link it here, because it's just that FAWESOME(click to view full version)

Anyhow, I clicked it and I was reminded that sometimes it's the small things that can help you through a rough patch. I'd like to steal a comment from a 'friend' here and say that you sometimes need a finer grade of sand paper. And that's kind of what this was... just a little something sweet to help smooth over the bad.

I love my friends, and they're my fine grit sand paper.

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Maddie said...

oh no caffeine withdrawal and a new job can be by playing WOW?!