Friday, June 11, 2010

In which Shana stands out in a crowd

I keep going on about this, I know, but it really does shock and surprise me.

Other moms that is, and how different I am from them.

I took the boychild to an appointment the other week, and I had my hair pinned up in a pair of messy buns, big black sunglasses, one geeky graphic T or another, and a knee length black skirt. Of course I had bright purple eyeshadow on and thick black eyeliner.

And the other moms... well they all looked the same.

They had the same old dye job, where they lightened their hair slightly. Their hair was all unkempt and mostly in pony tails. They had very little, if any makeup on. And the NEUTRAL palette of their wardrobe almost KILLED me.

Seriously, there were 4 other moms. They all had beige like Capri pants, and a neutral shirt. One mom I think was wearing a bright yellow one... you know the one that came in with sunlight when they came out with their High Efficiency detergent.

Anyhow, they all looked the same. It was pretty creepy to be honest.

I sometimes wonder if I missed some meeting regarding how moms are supposed to dress and act in public.

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eva said...

Beige really is a sad excuse for a colour!!