Thursday, June 24, 2010

In which Shana is VERY protective of Tryphyna

I consider Tryphyna, Tryph and any variation to be my standard handle.

MY handle.

I go around, signing up for social networking sites that I will never use as Tryphyna just to make sure no one else can use it. Because, you see, I AM TRYPHYNA(Truh-fee-na). I obtained this name as my handle under some rather interesting circumstances. It was a name in a book that I didn't buy but somehow came home with me anyhow (I didn't steal it, at least I don't recall stealing it. I bought several other books in that store that day), and when I opened it up it fell to her story and it mimicked so much of what I was going through right then...

Anyhow, it stuck.

Most of the time I manage to snag my handle. She's a fairly obscure Breton Princess so not TOO many people know her name (or how to spell it properly). But there are a few times that I've had to resort to alternatives.

And while the alternatives aren't BAD (I generally just add a version of 'princess' to it) it still bothers the hell out of me that I have to.

So the other night, when I was playing Bioshock 2 multiplayer, it started bugging me that my Windows Live Id was PrincipesaTryph. So I tried changing it, only to find that someone else out there not only has Tryphyna, but has Tryph. And as they are not me, clearly they're mistaken as to what THEIR user name is.

I just wish people would learn. I am Tryphyna. Not you, not your cousin, not anyone that's not me.


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