Friday, June 4, 2010

In which Shana is quite fickle

At least when it comes to my hair.

I've always wanted to do wild and crazy things with my hair. Sadly, I've got wild and crazy hair to begin with, and didn't figure out how to deal with it until the last decade or so.

Anyhow, when it came to getting my hair done, I've run the gauntlet. From hair dressers that didn't know WHAT to do with my hair.

Seriously, when I was 12, I got bangs for the first time. And wasn't given any advice on how to care for them. Because honestly ladies, if you're not cherishing your curls, you're going to wind up with an awful little bush on your forehead.

Then there was the battle of the thinning shears. This happened with almost every stylist I encountered. I have A LOT of hair. Most stylists would break out those awful little scissors and thin away at the top layers of my head.

Can we say INSTANT frizz ball?

If you feel the need to thin a curly girls hair like that, at least do it on the bottom side. Trust me, it will go over a lot better.

Then there was the girl who gave me an unintentional mullet. Basically she straightened my hair, and then cut it. It looked LOVELY straight, but the moment I let it curl, it was a curly frizzy mullet.

Then there's the second to last salon I visited.

When I'd get a cut, it was spectacular. Absolutely amazing. I always left feeling like a million bucks. The stylist cost more than I was accustomed to, but I figured I was paying for quality. So I decided I wanted to get my hair dyed black with purple highlights. So I met with the colourist and she basically refused.

She told me that purple wouldn't last in my hair, and that she couldn't bleach it without damaging it because my hair is so coarse. She went on to say that she could do the black, but if I was insistent on the purple (which I was) she could do extensions.

First of all, I should have discussed price with her.
Second of all, I should have just stood my ground and made her do the purple
third of all, who in their right fucking mind puts MORE hair on a girl who already has enough hair for 3 people?

Anyhow, I spent the better part of the day in the salon (I got there at about 9am and didn't leave until almost 3) and I got lovely purple extensions. Dont' get me wrong, it was a GREAT hairstyle and I looked amazing.

But it cost me $500.

Which in my world, is a LOT of money to spend on HAIR.

After that, I didn't get my hair done for almost a year again, until I broke down and decided I needed something new.

Enter my new stylist (stolen/borrowed from a friend) who not only WILL dye my hair funky colours but she also gives me a great cut. The best part, she doesn't over charge me.

Why have I gone on this tirade about hair?

Because on and off for the last 15 years I've debated dreading my hair. It's a pretty huge investment in time, and in my hair itself. I know it'd be awesome, I'm just not sure if I could maintain it without feeling like I'd lost that spontanious side to my hair. Currently depending on how I feel I can make my hair into anything I want it to be.

Maybe I just need to settle down with it, and once I do I'll get dready. I'm just afraid I'll be 50 by the time that comes around. But then again, I'll be the coolest grandma out there!


eva said...

Haha at the curly fuzz ball fringe- it must be hard to get very curly hair to stay put in a fringe.

Dreads seem to make people think you're cool, I had dreads for a while and I noticed a change in how people looked at me, it was a weird experience. Obviously a good experience as I loved that people seemed to think I was more interesting, but it also showed how superficial people are and how they judge others based on clothing and hair. It's not as if one has to earn one's dreads by being interesting and doing interesting things!

Shana-Marie said...

It really depends on what kind of look I'm going for. My stylist left it long enough that it can curl without going puffy, and I don't brush my hair anymore, so the curls stay intact rather than frizzing up. Or I straighten it. which takes all of 2 minutes :)

People already judge me by the way I look... they either think I'm a freak of nature or really awesome. Generally my 'peer group' shies away from me while the younger generations think I'm awesome. There aren't enough rockstars out there!