Monday, June 7, 2010

In which Shana is loosely based on Music Monday

I know, I know. It's still not the game music post, but I'll get to it, at some point.

Anyhow, this entry is going to deal with music videos and fan spoofs of them. I mean this is how that little jackass Justin Beiber got popular, isn't it? He posted himself covering some artist (I really don't know who, nor do I care) who saw it and decided he had talent.

YouTube is an amazing place.

So lets flash to the other night, when I was faced with this video -

It's been referred to as "bad romance Fail" because honestly, it's not very good. The girl is barely singing it, and when she does it's monotone and off key. A number the clothes she wears are ill fitting and her dance moves are, mechanical, at best.

Upon my first viewing, I refereed to it as a train-wreck, something I was horrified to watch bout couldn't look away from.

And because I'm neurotic like I am, I watched the official video -

And I was struck by how the girl in her video tried to emulate the Gaga video as best she could, on her own.

AND THEN, I started thinking about my rockstar philosophy (and to a certain extent Suze's Wooba). 'Dance like nobody's looking' ties in to all of it. This is what this girl, Melissa I think, has done here. She let her friend video her singing and dancing for a project, and even though she knew the world would be watching, she danced like she was alone in her bedroom.

You really have to applaud her bravery, don't you think?

Still though, rockstar philosophy or not, you should always wear clothes that fit the body you have.

Just sayin'

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Crash said...

Hrmmm... I've never seen the original before. I think I like Melissa's version more.
Oh yeah, since NSFW is responsible for this girl's infamy, they've set up an apology page