Wednesday, June 16, 2010

In Which Shana considers moving pictures

So I've oft considered, and decided against, video blogging.

I like the idea of it to be honest. I like putting a face to the name, and a voice to the words.

The idea at least.

I'm pretty enough, if heavy that I shouldn't attract too many trollish comments (though I'm not popular enough here FOR trolls I think, haha). And I think I write/rant well enough... I just... the thought of TALKING for 5-10 minutes...

I think I'd burn through material enough for a few blog posts, and I'd run dry a lot faster than I really intend to.

I (foolishly) think I'm interesting enough to keep up a 5 day a week blog, but I question if I'm interesting enough for 1 5-10 minute segment actually speaking into a webcamera.

Here's the thing. I'd do it, if ya'll were interested enough in the idea. But you'd have to promise something. If there's only 1 blog post that you read/watch and comment on in a week, it'd have to be that one, haha. Because I don't think I have enough confidence to keep doing something like that (right now at least) without positive (or constructive) feedback.

So let me know, 'kay?

1 comment:

eva said...

I think you should at least do one as a little introduction of yourself! I have seen other bloggers do it before and it's always fun to get more of an idea of what they're really like!