Friday, May 21, 2010

In Which you have a mission, should you choose to accept it

the mission is simple.

I want a sundress.

there are parameters though. It can't be BORING. Nothing you could get at a normal mall store. I want something that other people aren't going to be wearing.

This said, if the dress IS boring, but can be made less boring with a few alterations or some wicked accessories, it'll work for me.

The second parameter, and perhaps the most important one is simple. I have an ample bosom. This is the biggest stumbling block when it comes to finding a sundress. My chest either gets squished, or falls out. Neither scenario is one I want to endure.

The long and short of it is, I want/need a swanky pretty dress by August for a family reunion and I want to look extra awesome!

Anyhow, that's your mission, should you choose to accept it. You can either leave your suggestions in a comment here, msn'em to me (tryphyna at hotmail dot com - but send a message with your request to add me, I get a lot of pr0n bots and tend to block/spam anyone I don't know) gmail them to me (tryphyna at gmail dot com) or tweet them to me @tryphyna


Nicole Rojas said...

It's very classy, not sure you'll like the bsutline tho... :)

Shana-Marie said...

I LOVE that dress! I'm going to book mark it :)