Monday, May 17, 2010

In which Shana pays Tribute to Garbage

I adore Shirley Manson. I really really really adore her.

And I adore Garbage just as much. This is why when faced with narrowing my tribute list to 7 songs, I wasn't able to. The best I could do was 9, and even that was pretty tough.

(links to youtube videos of the songs. Not all are official videos, but not all of them HAVE official videos)
  1. Queer
  2. the world is not enough
  3. only happy when it rains
  4. cherry lips
  5. androgyny
  6. stupid girl
  7. #1 Crush
  8. When I grow up
  9. its all over but the crying
  10. Cup of coffee
Okay so I lied, there are 10 on the list. Though the last one just kind of hit me when I was looking for youtube videos for the songs in question. And really the sixth one is really only on the list because I call myself a stupid girl all the freaking time. so technically 9, but 10.


iZombie said...

have you watched "terminator: sarrar connor chronicles"... she plays a great character in season 2

Shana-Marie said...

I LOVED her in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles! She was my favorite character, right after John Henry! :)