Thursday, May 27, 2010

In Which Shana is personally biased

And I wonder when I need to shelve that and just be plainly objective.

I understand that there are many things that have happened to me that are painfully unique.

I also understand that given these situations, I have a world view unlike many people I know.

I know that most people AREN'T going to have to face the kind of adversity I have faced. And the thought of people I truly care about having to go through even half of it... well it makes me a little crazy.

I'll give you more information, but there really isn't much more TO give.

Lets just say that I have a friend, who is in a completely DIFFERENT situation. But this friend has said a few things, and made the occasional comment that have echoed things I've said, that I've commented on in the past.

When these things are said, I can almost hear my voice coming out of their mouth. My tones, my cadence, my desperation for someone to reach out and save me.


No really, that's what I just wrote.

Anyhow... When am I to lay my inner voice to rest, and just listen to the outside ones. When do I lay my own personal bias, personal colour aside? The last thing I want is for someone to end up in a bad situation and not feel like they know how to get out, but the second last thing I want is to say the wrong thing.

Perhaps this is a time where I say nothing and just let the chips fall as they may. I've done that before, and it ended badly. Well, not so much because I stood on the sidelines, but more-so because of the aftermath, but still.

I guess I don't want to see my friend hurt.

But then, they're not me, and their situation is not my own.


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