Friday, May 14, 2010

In which Shana is disapproved of

3 years ago my family used to compliment me.

I wore blazers, and blouses, and dress pants on a regular basis. High heels were a part of my daily life, and my socks not only matched, but were solid colours. My hair was always some variation of natural colour. And I'd suffer through summer in long pants, resisting the idea of womens shorts (because I, in general, hate them)

And my family used to say how pretty I looked.

Then things happened, and I became less tied to a 'professional' image. And as such, I started to dress in a manner that made me smile. That made me feel like a Rockstar.

Tall stripey socks.
Long skirts.
Sneakers and boots.
funky geeky t's
blue, purple and pink hair.

and you know what the response was?

My mother and my mother in law both not only stopped complimenting me, but started buying me fashion magazines.

and while they disapprove, they have only just now, almost 3 years later, have begun to accept that this is who I am. That I'm going to pick out a fishnet shirt and say "yes, it's pretty, please don't argue", and they will let me leave the store with it.

I think they're both hoping for, and feeling the loss of the girly daughter that they both wanted. I just hope that eventually they realize that I am the girly daughter they both have... I just look at the world through dark tinted goggles.

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