Tuesday, May 18, 2010

In Which Shana Doesn't get shortcuts

You can shorten Christopher to Chris, or even Topher.
You can shorten Annebelle to Anne or even Belle
But Shana (Shaw-na). You can't really shorten to much of anything at all.

I've spent a LOT of time thinking about this. It'd just be strange to call me Awna, because it's so close to my name or you could drop the as A and call me Shawn. Which I hate. I have always hated. I had a friend who heard me lament about my lack of a name based nickname call me that. I was too polite to tell her to knock it off.

Anyhow, I've never really had a nickname that stuck.

When I was a kid, my family called me 'Dolly', because my brothers played catch (or tried to) with new born me. Eventually, my family stopped calling me that.

My step father then called me 'Squeek' for a while. That was because I didn't want to pay for his parking when I ran into the bank. the parking got validated there, so parking was FREE but he still wanted my money. I was 13 and I told him no. fortunately for me, he stopped calling me that sometime before he tried killing me.

Then there was the name my friends (or I) came up with in grade 7. I have NO IDEA where it came from, or why it stuck, but they started calling me Max. To be honest, I always liked this name, and was a little sad when it stopped being used.

I had one friend call me giggles. Mostly because I giggled a lot around him, and because he liked to ticked the shit out of me. Once he and his friends (4 of them, 5 total) pinned me down to tickle me. I always felt disappointed in myself for not being able to fight all 5 of 'em off.

Freekbus, phreekubus (and any variation) was less of a nickname, and more of an online handle, simply because I attract the freaky people. For realz.

And the final true nickname I ever had was Bunny. And even that was a shortcut of a longer name. the whole Nick was Jolly Love Bunny. There's a story in that, but I won't tell it today. Anyhow, no one calls me bunny anymore, and it kind of makes me a little bit sad.

Oh... I should mention Princess and my online handle.

First, princess. I think every girl has at least one point where they're called 'Princess' by someone. My step father did (I want to kill The Princess), the hubs has, friends have etc. I can't say I mind. And the blog is a princess blog. Though that has more to do with my online handle.

Tryphyna. She was a Breton Princess, and I've kind of clung to this handle for the better part of a decade. I've used it since I dropped the freekubus stuff (because it was compromised) a number of years back. I don't think I'd mind if people I met IRL called me Tryph. I'd be kind of cool really. (pronounced Truh-fee-na)

Anyhow, do you have any nicknames or a story behind your online handle?


Vicky M said...

I wanted to be Tori when I was younger. I thought it was much cooler than being Vicky (and works, since it's part of Victoria) but alas, my father hated it and nipped it in the bud wherever possible.

When I moved to Japan I considered that I could reinvent myself while there by introducing myself as Tori - but that thought was killed by my brain faster than it formulated, since 'tori' means bird in Japanese :p

I've had a few Internet handles in my day, but I do sometimes wish Tvashtri was part of my real name. I would love to be her in real life. Then people could call me Tvash, or Tvashtri - I would finally have a name as unique as me. And I pronounce it 'tuh-vash-tree' (not sure if that's accurate though).

JamieValerio said...

Ugh ive had way too many nicknames. All of them ive never liked and am glad that most of them I nolonger hear anymore. The first nickname I had was given to me by my little sister. When she was little she could never say Jamie so she would call me Jay Jay or JJ so to this day she still calls me that whenever she needs or wants something.

The second name I was given nobody calls me that anylonger. It was from back in Highschool before I finaly realised who my real friends where and stoped getting into trouble. One day I went over to my friends house for a sleepover and at night we went out walking around her neighborhood. We we came across this dog in a yard my friends thought it would be funny to snap a belt at him. Long story short it started chaceing after us. Well the next thing I knew I was two street over and they were lagging behind me. So from that night they started calling me BeepBeep like the roadrunner. Go figure.

the next name I was given was Snowbunny IDK why but thats just what some of my friends decided to call me. Mostlikely cause i was the only white girl in my marching band. To this day i still get called that by one of my friends.

Last name Ive been called which I use it for my online games is called Saylor. It use to be saylormoon, then went to saylorboomkin, but right this second its just saylor. I like this one much more then the rest.

Matthew said...

A long time ago I used to be called Dougal, after the character in the Magic Roundabout, because of my long hair. Some point after that I got called Agerton after Agerton Sax, Ace Detective for my habit of noticing small details which then morphed into simply Baxter. I have an old friend who still, very occasionally, calls me Dougal but the others are long gone.

When I first got an email address I used Rex Banner, a character from the Simpsons just in case anyone doesn't know. He's in one whole episode back when it used to be a lot funnier than it is now. I've been using Rex Banner pretty much ever since. If I couldn't have that I would go for
was Arch Stanton. Several hundred bonus points if you know where thats from without Google. Answer at the end.

My name is Matthew. You can call me Matt or Matthew, I don't mind. The one I've refused to answer to all my life is 'Maf'. Don't like it. Never have.

Arch Stanton is the name next to the unnamed grave at the end of The Good, The Bad & The Ugly. Quite possibly the best film ever made. Either that or Uncle Buck.

Shana-Marie said...

@Vicky - I think you're more of a Vicky than a Tori anyhow :) For the record, I alternate between calling you Vicky and Tvashtri.

@Jamie - Pleased to meet you! I think I like your current nick the best, Saylor :)

@RexyB - Do people really call Matthews Maf? That seems like such an awkward nickname. I'm glad you're a Rex Banner, it suits you and your incredible awesomeness :)