Thursday, May 6, 2010

In which Shana changes her mind

I had another post written and ready to go up for this morning.

I've deleted it... not just confined it to the world of the draft pile, but full out deleted it.

When it wrote it, it made sense, but in light of a few things that have happened, I suspect it might fan the flames. And trust me, some flames shouldn't be fanned.


So I give you this....

I don't normally watch shows like this, but this week it featured a goth family.

the other family in question was a hardcore hockey family.

What I found interesting was how similar these incredibly dissimilar families were.

The goth side pushed 'creativity' and being 'different'.
The hockey family pushed excellence in sports, and blending in.

Neither of them really listened to the things that the kids were saying.

One of the boys in the goth family wanted to cut his hair, and not have to wear black all the time. He also didn't want to take dance, wanting instead to be a part of an organised sport of some sort.
And the girl in the hockey family took dance, but her parents were rather critical and didn't take the time to SEE her dance, like they did with her brothers with their hockey. (though she also didn't get called a loser and get told how much she sucked all the time)

It just struck me funny that both sets of parents were forcing their own ideals, their own world views upon their children and not stopping to see what they wanted. and it makes me wonder... how many parents actually stop and listen to their kids?

I mean, teh goth family was pushing for non conformity, but they were pushing conformity within their own small world.

I talked last week about my Rockstar philosophy. And this is the only thing I tend to force down my kids throat.

When he gets his hair cut, it's his decision.
When we buy him clothing, he picks it out.
When it comes to summer camp, or activities, if he doesn't want to do it after he's given it a try... he doesn't have to do it.

I figure, if he's got a good set of core values, it doesn't matter WHAT he does with them. Long hair, or short. Black clothes or colourful. Dance class or football (soccer for the yanks). None of that matters.

And I just don't think enough parents get that.

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