Tuesday, May 4, 2010

In Which it's May the 4th

This is a special day for geeks all over the world. It's a day where we all pause for a moment and wish our friends and families a Happy International StarWars day.

Why this day?

Well, say the date.

No really, say it.

May the Fourth Be With You.

StarWars is probably one of the few 'western' style movies that I've watched and and enjoyed, and there are some that would argue that it's not a western, but I know it is, and in their heart of hearts they know it's true too.

And because it's not quite 730, and I have to leave my house in 5 min (or less) and I haven't made coffee yet, I figure I'll post this and move on. Hopefully normal posting will resume.

And by normal posting, I mean ones that don't suck balls because I'm rushed and doing them at the 11th hour.


iZombie said...

yeah, star wars...

cbaugh6 said...

Happy star Wars Day!..lol