Friday, May 28, 2010

The evolution of footware

I was stuck for an entry this week, so the lovely @oopsie_daisy_ stepped up and gave me a great idea.

she suggested I talk about shoes, seeing as how I got a pair of swanky new shoes for TowelDay and summer IS coming quicker than expected.

I have to start off with this first though. I *HATE* shoes. I *HATE* socks even more. I just can't stand them. If I could be barefoot all day every day, I'd be a happy bunny. Sadly any time I have to enter teh real world from time to time, and barefeet are not only unwelcome, but kind of gross.

So, if you keep my hatred of footware in mind, you should be able to understand the rest of this post.

From an early age, I used shoes (and later in life socks) as a way to express myself.

As a child of the 80's and early 90's, one of my favorite things to do was paint my shoes.

I've told you before that we were poor, so while I longed for a pair of white keds, the best I got was discount black tennis shoes. Which was fine, why spend butt loads of money on shoes that are just going to get painted anyhow, right?

By the time I was teenaged, I fell in love with MaryJanes. this is a style of shoe that I've had at least one pair of at all times over the last 15 years or more. I less than three Mary Janes.

Other than the MJ's, I tend to gravitate towards funky heels, tall boots, and another staple in my shoe wardrobe, Chuck Taylor converse. I got my first pair of chucks when I was about 14 or so. they were white, and had Sylvester and Tweety embroidered on them. I wore those things for years until they practically fell off my feet.

So um... yeah.... I know I kind of half assed this, and I'll probably revisit it later. My world is a little stressy lately, and as such I'm not having the easiest time writing some of these entries. I'm hoping that the stress clears, I start sleeping and that the brick wall between me and my words comes tumbling down soon.

Oh and please don't forget about the challenge from last week.

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