Wednesday, April 21, 2010

In which Shana writes a letter

Dear BioClock,

Please stop ticking.

I know that I'm currently at the prime for child bearing, and that my chances of conceiving will drop significantly in the next few years (which isn't to say it's not possible, but just not quite as easy as it is now, or 9 years ago) but I don't see it happening.

Don't get me wrong, BioClock. I'm not against the idea of another child, it's just, circumstances are kind of against me. You see, in order to HAVE a baby, I sort of need some help, and while I could *technically* find a way to do it on my own... I'm not really in a position to do so, on so many levels.

So BioClock, please stop ticking. It's kind of senseless and futile, and leads to a lot of... well... it used to be strife, and arguments. Now, it just annoys the crap out of me. And I generally don't like to be annoyed.

I guess what I'm saying, dear BioClock, is this. I would appease you if I could. But I can't so leave me alone. If ever circumstances change, you and I can talk, but until then, can't we just part ways?


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