Friday, April 30, 2010

In Which Shana Talks Rockstar

I touched on this last week, but I honestly felt that this subject warranted a post of its own. It's all about my Rockstar Philosophy.

It's an easy philosophy to wrap your head around. It's basically this. If you don't feel like a RockStar, you're doing it wrong.

This is applied to EVERYTHING in life.

When shopping, try things on. If you feel like a rockstar, BUY IT. If you don't feel like a rockstar, return it to the rack. It's not worth the time or the effort.

When talking about people in your life, if they make you feel like a rockstar, keep 'em around. If they make you feel like a dirty roadie then perhaps you should investigate moving on.

When it comes to a career (and I make a distinction between career and job. A job is something you do to pay the bills, a career is something you're passionate about, and do for more than just money. This is not something that comes easy) if you love what you're doing and it makes you feel good, you're in the right place. If you feel drained more often than you feel alive, then a career change might be in order.

Overall, if you don't feel like you could take on the world, and command the audience, like a rockstar, you're doing it wrong.

It seems kind of silly when I write it down like this, but whatever. It's something that I'm doing my best to apply to all facets of my life, and it might help you, faithful readers, as well.


Suze said...

Shana, I love your Rockstar philosophy. It makes a lot of sense. I myself have a similar philosophy. Lesley and I invented it together, and we call it "Wooba." It is not the same as Rockstar philosophy, but it is somehow related. Wooba is a whole carpe diem kind of thing, but more in the sense that if you feel like doing something fun, like wearing zombie make-up for no reason, performing spontaneous crab dances in public, or colouring with crayons despite the fact you are almost 30, do it. Who cares what anyone thinks, for real. Wooba is all about gaining pleasure from doing the strange and spontaneous. It is very freeing. Also, I am a firm believer that aging is a mental thing as well as a physical thing: your mind can be much younger than your body, and if your mind is "old" your physical state will follow suit. Ergo, embrace your wooba and feel like a Rockstar.

Shana-Marie said...

I think I'm going to have to incorporate a little more Wooba into my life!