Friday, April 23, 2010

In which Shana talks fashion for friday

I'm into alternative style. A love fashion, and trend watching, but agree with the Oscar Wilde quote "Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months."

Style is where it's at. Style is what people should strive for. Style is something no one can EVER tell you how to do, or what yours should be. Style is intensely personal, and ever changing. Style is something that not everyone is going to get, and some people will think you have none of it. In my mind, in order to have style, you have to apply the ROCKSTAR philosophy when getting dressed. Always ALWAYS ask yourself "do I feel like a rockstar*?"

5 reasons to wear chainmail jewelry

  1. It's chic - there isn't anything else that I could add to this point. It just is what it is.

  2. It's original - go out wearing it, and it's very rare that someone else will have a similar piece as you.

  3. there are so many different types - I always thought of chain mail aromor when I thoguht of chainmail... but having been exposed to it, I'm now seeing that there are so many different weaves and ways to put it together.

  4. It's very very geeky - seriously, if a hardcore fashionista wore something like chainmail, they'd just call it a flat woven thick chain or something equally dumb. Us geeks though, we'll call it like it is.

  5. Its VERY necessary when hunting vampires. And no, I don't mean those sparkly ones that no one really has to worry about because they're all emo and pathetic. I mean Spike (pre chip) or Angel (sans soul) or any number of Vamps from True Blood (except Bill, he is kind of emo). But one glance at your silver** clad neck, and they'll just leave you alone

anyhow... so yea there's my utterly cheesy post on how cool chainmail is, but considering I've never done a post about a piece of jewelry that I DIDN'T make before, it should let you know how much I love this piece.

I got this piece from Moody and Sanguine (blog link) at their Etsy Shop. I highly recommend checking it out. They've got some wonderful pieces, not just of jewelry, but purses and other accessories. They're pretty awesome people too if you ask me.

*I'll dedicate a whole post to the rockstar philosophy next week. for now, I'm pretty sure you get the gist of what I'm trying to say.

** yes, I know it's not really silver, it's bright aluminum, but still, I don't think a vamp would take the chance.


eva said...

Ooh it looks gorgeous at the back! And at the front too, obviously ;)

Shana-Marie said...

It's one of my favorite pieces of jewelry. They've got a bracelet that goes with it too.... I might have to purchase that too!

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Ooh it looks gorgeous at the back! And at the front too, obviously ;)!mp3 sunglass

Melina and Denise said...

Lovely blog. Thanks for the nice words! This made my day.