Thursday, April 22, 2010

In Which Shana REALLY does love Twitter

I'm telling you, I would be entirely LOST without it.

I've managed to make some wonderful connections with people, and all that jazz... but more importantly, twitter gives me people with common interests.

Take for instance DnD night.

You see, I've been playing one RPG or another since I was 14 or so. Most of the 'friends' I had didn't get it. But then again, they were girly girls who were more concerned with fashionable hair, and boys. Whereas I was the girl with a boyfriend, and a bunch of geeky boys that I played games with.

Flash to now, and I'm still in the same situation. I've got my DnD group and LOVE playing. I get all excited about the game and want to share it with everyone who is going to listen to me. So this brings me to talking to the hubs about it, because he's THERE. And when I tell him, his eyes glaze over and he nods at me a lot.

It's pretty clear that he doesn't get it. And doesn't get why I get so excited about it. He's made a number of comments about how I 'waste' my Saturday (now Sunday) nights at home, on the computer, playing DnD with my friends.

So I tweet, and the knitting circle (the players too) and a few other people get into it, and engage in talking about my DnD game.

It's nice to finally be around people that I can actually TALK to about my game! It's the same for other facets of my life, music, games, comics, movies, anime, manga. It's just wonderful to not feel like a complete freak of nature.

And this, my friends, is why I really do love twitter.


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eva said...

My boyfriend's eyes glaze over when I talk about beads. It's understandable, yet it would be more fun if he was *really* into beads. Or whatever my current obsession is, like knitting, fish tanks, oil paint.. At least he doesn't think a saturday night in front of the computer is a waste. Seriously, it so isn't! (is it?)