Wednesday, April 14, 2010

In Which Shana considers #BoobieWed

So, there is a phenomenon on twitter (and the blogsphere as seen here called #boobiewed.

Basically the girls, and guys I guess, on twitter change their icons to a picture of their cleavage.

it's all in good fun and is hoping to raise breast cancer awareness. And it's something I've been tempted to do myself, but never got around to finding, or taking a cleavage picture.

Until a couple of weeks ago.

I tend to bring my netbook with me throughout the house as I do things. It sits on my deep freeze when I'm working in the kitchen (sometimes on the small counter, but that's only when 'recycle mountain' isn't there) or on the bathroom counter, or on my dresser (really, all of this would be easier if I had portable speakers, or an iphone and a dock. Sadly I have neither of these of if I want music to come with me, I either have to blare the stereo or bring it with me). But the fact remains, I often have my netbook, with webcam, with me when I'm getting dressed.

As was the case when I contemplated #boobiewed.

So, I get the cleave ready, position the webcam, and *click* image taken.

I look at it.

And promptly deleted it.

It's not that it was a bad picture or anything of that sort. It's just, I'm very VERY self conscious about my breasts.

The long and the short of it is they're pretty big, as far as natural ones go. They're not super huge, but I have to buy shirts a size larger to accommodate them. And dresses that would look FINE on a smaller breasted woman, I'm always scared look slutty on me.

Cos you know... my boobs are all, visible, and stuff.

I'm overly self conscious about it, I'm sure (and have been told in the past) so when it comes to getting dressed to go out, I can generally deal with a bit of cleavage. But the picture...

I just declared it too sexy for the internet.

So sorry to the ladies of #boobiewed... I won't be participating any time soon :)


eva said...

Ha ha! I wouldn't feel comfortable about posting revealing photos of myself on the net either. I wonder what it's like to have really big boobs; it's hard not to look at boobs when they're big, and I'm sure girls with big boobs find it annoyingly noticeable when people look at them.

Shana-Marie said...

It's kind of annoying to be honest! My family laughs at me for wanting the boobs I had as a teen back! they were PERFECT!

I once had a friend of my apologize profusely when I commented that his eyes strayed south of my face a few times in the span of 10 min. I ended up laughing at him and told him not only was I used to it, but I would find it a little strange when people DIDN'T look, haha...

Honestly though, *MOST* people are pretty polite about NOT staring at them, at least in my experience. But then again, I don't normally put them out on display :)