Tuesday, April 6, 2010

How I spent my Easter weekend

I can't really say I did much of anything.

But then, I'm not the religious sort, so Easter Weekend tend to be a weekend where the boychild and the hubs are at home with me. Also, it's ham and potato salad weekend. Oh and the weekend that I tend to drink a little too much with a friend from the days of old. We share wings, and beers, and it's a lovely time.

My brother who lives in the frozener North, does not generally make the trip down. But then, it's a 4 hour drive (3 if he's driving) so I can't much blame him. And the other brother is tied up with his own family, so we don't often see him.

But I and my brood, gather at my mothers house to eat and drink.

This year was no different.

Friday night we went out and did our thing. Beer and wings and other unhealthy foods were ingested.

Saturday morning I woke up and started in on the apple pies I was to make for my family. I was asked to make two. Normally this is a death sentence for anyone around me when I'm in pie making mode. Strangely, the crusts went well, and the pies got made without feelings of stabbiness.

They were not a success in my mind though. My family says I'm too hard on myself, but I really did not enjoy the pies that I made. they were kind of gross in my opinion, but they ate and seemed to enjoy them.

Honestly, It was a lovely, if fairly apathetic holiday weekend.

The child sass talked, and got chocolate. he also blew bubbles. And I reinforced the fact that as much as I want to have a chocolate easter bunny of my own for Easter, I hate cheap chocolate.

This meandering post doesn't really go anywhere, so I'll close off here.

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