Thursday, March 18, 2010

The teenage years part 14

So I'll get to PXBv2.0

My second psychotic ex boyfriend.

I wasn't with PXBv2.0 long, mostly because I had learned my lesson with PXB, but I was with him long enough for issues to crop up.

So I met PXBv2.0 at one of the infamous (promise I'll tell you about 'em) 'apartment parties'. We were young stupid kids who drank way too much and often removed our clothes. Again, more on that stuff later :)

I was in the kitchen ( a friend was in the pool in the dining room) and I was hanging out with him when PXBv2.0 came in. He had a bottle of Jagermeister in his hand. It's important to note that I was already pretty smashed at this point. My head ended up in his lap, and he was puring Jager into my mouth.

I'm telling you right now. A relationship that is formed on the love of booze, is ALWAYS a bad idea. Just sayin'.

Anyhow. The end of summer was coming, and I was gearing up to go back to school, and I was also set to manage my first full length show for the theatre group. I made it pretty clear to PXBv2.0 that once show season started (mid way through September) he was second.

yes, I was awful, but I needed to be clear. I was not in a place where I could focus my time on a relationship. He said he understood, but clearly he did not.

Two things caused our 'relationship' to end.
1 - he clearly did not understand the theatre thing. He used to get insanely jealous if I didn't come straight home after rehearsal. And would get frustrated when I wouldn't go out with him if I had one. Also, he was INSANELY jealous of my director. The director would drive me home, and the two of us used to sit in my drive way and map out what we were going to get done next rehearsal.

PXBv2.0 used to sit on my front porch and wait for me, and he'd grill me if I stayed in the car for more than a few minutes. I think he thought something was going on between the director and I. I should note that the director.. he was 60 (and British). So he and I (the director) used to make fun of him.

And even though PXBv2.0 would sometimes have been sitting on my porch for an hour or more... I never invited him into my house after a rehearsal.

2 - PXBv2.0 was batshit insane.

We got into a fight at a party (this one was for a local festival). I don't even know what it was about, but he ended up taking off, and I wound up going for a walk. (yes, I know it's dumb for a young woman to go wandering alone through town at night when she's half in the bag. But I was dumb)

Anyhow, he came back to the apartment before I did and when he didn't find me he went to my moms house and stood under my window screaming my name.

I went home that night (after he left my mothers house) and he went back to the party. Only to have sex with someone else in my best friends apartment.

Know how I found that factoid out? He told me. A few days after I broke up with him.

My show had opened, and I had a few days off between opening and closing weekend. So he came over and we went for coffee. I broke it to him as gently as possible. He went a little nutty... started writing me poetry (the winter has fallen, but the spring of our love will come... blah blah blah). One day he called me and told me that he'd cheated on me with this other girl. The conversation went something like this after that....

Me - PXBv2.0, do you want me to be mad at you?
Him - yes
Me - Call me in a week or so. I'm just too tired (from show prep and homework) to be angry now. I promise I'll yell next week.
Him - don't you care that I cheated on you?!
Me - I might have last week. We're broken up now, so what difference does it make?

he got pretty pissed to say the least. After breaking up with me, he went on to date the girl he cheated with. I tried to set him up with CXBFF's boyfriend (because they were both bi) but it didn't work out. I guess having your ex give you another mans' number is kind of awkward.


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