Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Teenage years part 12

I'll tell you an anecdote of sorts.

I already covered that I was involved with the local theatre group.

What I haven't really gotten into is the fact that they all 'adopted' me so to speak.

My home life was pretty terrible, and I was pretty terrible when it came to fitting in with my peer group.

So these theatre people became my family. And they were a good family most of the time, but the story I want to tell has VERY little to do with a brother and sister kind of relationship. Unless you're talking about Luke and Leia.

So this takes place when I'm 17/18 or so. Sometime after I broke up with PXB (pyscho ex boyfriend), a friend from the theatre group called me up out of the blue and asked what I was doing that. It was Friday night, and I was underage and single. Also, it was one of the few times that we weren't having a blow out at the apartment. So I said I was free, and we went out to a random community theatre show.

this kind of became our 'thing'. At some point during the months of March or Oct/Nov (prime community theatre time around here) my friend... BOB we'll call him (because that's the name I'm giving him).... would give me a call on Friday night and we'd go to a show together.

It was sweet and wonderful, and I always felt entirely comfortable with him. And it was great because he was from the theatre group (and at least 10 years older than me) my mother had no problem with me staying out late with him.

It's important for me to note that I ADORED Bob. But I never once thought about him in any way but dear friend. (I had {and suppose I still have} a 'test' to determine dateability... I look at the persons lips and decide whether or not I could imagine kissing them. If the answer is no, then it's dead in the water {this can change... but there have to be extenuating circumstances})

Tangent about kissable lips aside, Bob was always just going to be my FRIEND and that was it.

So it must have been our 3rd or 4th show together and he picked me up in a swankier car than the one he normally drove. Turned out that he borrowed his moms car. He was also dressed a little nicer than normal too.

I was young and stupid and totally did NOT pick up on the fact that our friendly date seemed to have changed to a DATE when I wasn't looking. I was happy and oblivious throughout the evening, and had a lot of fun until one surreal moment...

Bob and I got into the car and he turned to me and asked... "so... do you want to come to my house for a night of unbridled kissing?"


my 18 year old brain was stunned.

I simply did not know how to process this question. This idea.

Bob the friend suddenly became Bob the man who wanted to kiss me.

I'm not sure how I responded... but I stammered something about having a curfew and my mother killing me. We drove home mostly in silence after that. When we got to my house, I rather impulsively leaned over, gave him a big hug and a kiss on the cheek. I then apologized and bounded out of the car.

I didn't see Bob for sometime after that. The next time I saw him he was dating a new girl (who clearly didn't like me, and I never fully understood WHY. I'd never done anything to her and hadn't even hooked up with her boyfriend). Anyhow, when I saw him, I shrieked out his name and lunged at him anime fan girl style.

He made it a point to tell me that his relationship was an open one(maybe this is why she hated me so much), but I wasn't taking the bait. As much as I adored and missed him... there was no way I was getting involved with him.

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