Monday, March 1, 2010

In Which Shana Should be doing something else

I should be applying for jobs.

I've got about a dozen or so queued up and ready to apply for, but I got hit by a blog idea (when i was surfing facebook no less)


A couple friends of mine just had babies. One of them commented on FB that theirs had slept through the night for the last 5 nights. He was just over the moon about this.

A few people commented back "yeah, happened to me, yaay" which is pretty cool. Then this other person goes on there, and I'm going to paraphrase because I can "Other people might lie to you, but I'll tell you the truth. It WILL NOT LAST. I've had 3 kids, and every time they go through a growth spurt, it WILL DEFINITELY change. they'll wake up and mess up their sleep schedule. Don't listen to the liars".

Well, I had planned on leaving this alone... but after reading the comment left by someone who obviously is a better parent than I... well I had to speak up. Liars unite yo!

(for reference, while it was a paraphrase, she did say that everyone who said babies could sleep through the night consistently was a liar)

So I comment 'It might last, it might not last. My boy was sleeping 8-10 hours straight after 3 weeks.... we had to WAKE him for feedings. But every baby is different, and as such no one can be 100% sure what's in store for you! You just kind of learn to sleep when you can, lol! You're doing great!'

I thought this would be suitably enough for me to simply state what MY experiences were, and that what might happen to him could be entirely different. Anyone who knows anything about kids in general, knows that they're like snowflakes. No 2 alike.

Some babies are going to scream through the night every single night of their lives. Others, will be fast asleep at 7pm and sleep straight through to 7am. Just because it didn't happen to you doesn't mean it won't, or hasn't happened to anyone else.

Anyhow, bitchy liar lady goes on to make a comment about how she is going to refrain from further comment, because you know, my description of MY life experience is WRONG and a LIE. I guess she felt offended that I said that no one could be 100% sure that they knew what was going to happen to his baby. I guess she's the expert, right?

I hate people like that. I hate being called a liar. I FUCKING HATE KNOW IT ALLS!

It must be partially because I'm sick, but I am so upset about this that I'm bordering on crying.


eva said...

Gah what a negative person she must be!!

Shana-Marie said...

I would NOT want to wake up next to her every day... I don't think I'd have been so upset if she hadn't said that anyone with a differing life experience was a liar.

Vicky M said...

We should step on her bitchy face with big effing boots. Now it alls totally suck. You're a great parent and your experiences with your boy are and were totally legit.

The Internet was way cooler before everyone else showed up, no? Sometimes I miss the LJS list. I'm still on it, but it's totally dead. Passive forms of online communication like Facebook grew too fast and killed good old email lists.