Tuesday, March 30, 2010

In which Shana says Hello!

I don't often actually go into my dashboard. I did in the last little while and saw that my 'followers' has jumped from the 5 that I had last time I checked to 20. Which is pretty cool if you ask me. (though I suspect that this doesn't really mean you all read it daily :-) )

so I figured I'd take some time to say hello to the new people following the blog and tell you a little bit about myself.


Hi There! Welcome to my soapbox, and I hope you enjoy your stay. Please tell me a bit about yourselves. I love connecting with people.


I'm a mom. I'm 28. My kid is 8. Yes I was a baby who had a baby, but me and my boy are awesomely close and I don't look at my youth as a negative. I listen to music compulsively, and at times will post lyrics that are particularly meaningful to me at the time.

I'm a writer (duh) who is going toe to toe with the worst writers block I've ever faced. It's been about 6 years or so since I last put a REAL dent into writing anything creatively. Here's to hoping I get over that in the next, um, decade.

I'm a photographer. Amateur, but working on it. I've got some stuff up at my Deviant Art page. I culled a lot of the crap a few months ago, so while it's a little sparse, it's got the stuff I'm quite proud of.

I'm very much into style. I say style rather than fashion, becasue I am a firm believer in Oscar Wilde's quote "Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months." Style on the other hand, is very personal. My style... it's a little eclectic. Geeky Tshirts, and fancy dress up skirts are kind of my norm. Also, loud eyeshadow is kind of a standard thing for me. I call it my 'disco panda' look. It is VERY sexy.

I'm a curly girl. This is to mean I have very thick, curly locks. It's all natural, and a pain in my ass, but I've learned to love it. Straight haired girls eat your heart out! (also, I hate it when girls who have wavy hair call their hair curly. Seriously, if your hair does NOT REALLY fro out now and again, you're NOT a curly girl)

I'm terrible at house work. Mostly because I find it boring. I do laundry in a Tutu because that makes it a tiny bit more fun.

I love video games, and play them quite often.

I have a photo wall, but not enough photos of people on it. *hint hint*

I'm cynical, bitter and opinionated. But always open to discussion.

I love passionately, deeply and never let go. I was once described as a pitbull, and while it was intended to be negative, I'm not taking it that way. If you hurt me, I'll never forget it. Fortunately it takes a lot to hurt me that deeply. I am a dumb and very trusting person.

I'm a little chubby, but working on it. My stupid weight has been a problem since I got preggers. Not that I'm blaming the boychild, it's totes my fault that I started eating crap and being less active.

I used to read tarot and runes a lot. Not so much these days. I suspect that my writers block and my spirituality are both related.

I blog a lot about my life, the random things that cross my mind, and my life story. My life story could be made into a movie. Drew Berrymore should star.

And finally I am rather depressed, but working on that too. I need to stop drinking the koolaid I think.

so that's me.

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eva said...

I first started getting followers when I added the follower widget thingy to my sidebar, people didn't seem too consider following before then, weird eh?