Monday, March 29, 2010

In which Shana is musical this Monday

I'm going to try something a little different.

and by different I mean I'm going to do something that I used to do WAY back in the day as a kid.

You see listening to music has been a big part of my life ever since I was a kid. In my circle of 'friends' I was the one who always had a spare pair of headphones, and a bunch of tapes in her bag.
In those days, much like today, you never knew what I was going to be blasting into my ears. One moment it would be Alice Cooper, then to Tom Cochrane, or Cypress Hill then Guns and Roses. I hadn't yet discovered Jazz, blues, pop music, or half of what I listen to now. But the ground work was laid. Even as a kid in grade 7, I LOVED a lot of different types of music.

My friends though, they had no love or respect for it, and never wanted any of my mix tapes. (which were always carefully crafted keeping in mind BPM and style. there was FLOW on those tapes!) But because I wasn't likely to put songs by TLC (don't go chasin' waterfalls....) or Madonna (who was another later in life discovery), and I'd mix in things from They Might Be Giants or the Imperial march... Well I just don't think they understood me (musically or otherwise).

Anyhow, by the time I hit highschool I started writing down the 7 songs of my week. The 7 songs that I felt were my 'sound track'. I did it weekly, monthly and yearly. Sometimes I'd pick songs based on the lyrics. The kinds of songs that SAID what I was feeling, or what I needed to hear. Sometimes there was an album that helped me get through stuff. And sometimes I chose those songs based on music that stole a little piece of my soul.

In the last few years though, I haven't listened to much music at all. I stopped carrying my mp3 player with me. My netbook actually has very little music on it. and until a few weeks ago I forgot how much fun mundane chores can be if you're cranking the tunes.

Long story short (or at least not longer) I am going to try my hand at this again.

So, because this is a first time effort I'm kind of going to flake out, and give you an album, and lyrics to one of the songs.

The artist - The Killers
The album - Day and Age
The Lyrics - This is Your Life

Candy talks to strangers
Thinks her life's in danger
No one gives a damn about her hair
It's lonely down on track street
She used to go by Jackie
The cops, they'll steal your dreams and they'll kill your prayers
Take a number where the blood just barely dried

Wait for something better
No one behind you
Watching your shadows
This feeling won't go

Crooked wheels keep tuning
Children, are you learning
Climatize but don't you lose the plot
A history of blisters
Your brothers and your sisters
Somewhere in the pages we forgot

Take a number Jackie
Where the blood just barely dried
You know I'm on your side

Wait for something better
No one behind you
Watching your shadows
You gotta be stronger than the story
Don't let it blind you
Rivers of shadow
This feeling wont go

And the sky is full of dreams
But you don't know how to fly
I don't have a simple answer
But I know that I could answer
Something better

This feeling won't go

Wait for it (x4)