Tuesday, March 9, 2010

In which Shana has something to do

There are a few things I've got to do, both creatively and emotionally.

Projects that I seriously need to get to work on and finish last week, and some soul searching.

I'm a mess on both fronts.

On the creative front, I've got to work on album art. Also, I've got a few action shots to submit.

On the emotional front, I can't even begin how to phrase it. I don't even understand it myself. Or at least I think I don't... I'm very confused. I'll figure it out and probably blog about it once I do, but until then I need to keep mum on it. The last thing I need is it start ranting more nonsense where people can read it and muddying up my own confusion.

Likely, both of these will take me a bit.

I may come back and do a life story post, as they sometimes help to give me perspective on things, but I will definitely give an update of sorts on Monday. I will have something concrete and creative by the.

Oh, and there's a link on the side there. It goes to my blog interview, if you're interested.

And what do you think of the new banner? I can't decide if I'm imitating Narcissus or not.


Jacob Van De Graaff said...

First, on the banner, I like it fine. It gives a good idea of who's behind your screen.

But on the actual problems here... that's a little more complex. My opinion on it is that you shouldn't hold stuff inside as you work through it. Even if there's only one person that you rely on to carry you through, I find that most often there is no problem that cannot be better solved with help. Of course, some people can help better than others, and sometimes people can end up hurting more than they help.

Basically, the solution I would like to present you with is this: talk to someone. If you have a confidante and need to get something out, go to them. If you have an advisor and are lost, then that's where you should look for help. Tell them all that they need to be of aid to you, and then let them do so. Whatever they tell you may or may not be of use to you, and since it seems you are in some general confusion about whatever is bothering you I would say take any and all advice (including mine) with a grain of salt and a bit of personal perspective.

You know better than anyone what your problems are and how you need in order to solve them, even if you're not sure. Don't forget that.

Shana-Marie said...

Oh I'm talking... just not here. Although I am having a hard time telling the whole story. Sadly I don't know many people who can be entirely objective about an entirely subjective issue. Or non-issue as the case may be.

Usually I work through things while I'm writing a blog post.. but this one just will not work as a blog post. Well no, it might, and I'm still trying to put it into words because it needs to be done, It's just not coming out the way I want it to.

The long and short of this entry, is really to explain that there is going to be a bit of a lapse in posting. I *try* to post Monday through Friday, and I'd be surprised if I post again before Friday this week. Even if I didn't have the emotional baggage. The creative project I should be working on, isn't coming easily (mainly because inspiration isn't coming easily, and the 'band' in question is giving me very little to go on).

I do appreciate your concern... It's never a good idea for someone to bottle stuff up. :)