Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Teenage years part 11

So I pick up this sordid thread here... I'll tell you about my first real 'boyfriend'. There were several boys before this one, but since they were all short term (as in, less than 3 weeks a piece) I'm not counting them. I may regale you with tales of them later though, if you don't mind.

I shall call him PXB, for obvious reasons, although I'm sure I used other terms to refer to him before, it doesn't matter now.


A 'friend' (air quotes to show that we weren't really friends. She was a bigger loser than the rest of us were, but we kept her around because we were mean and who doesn't like having a whipping boy?) brought the boy she declared was her 'boyfriend' to a dance at our school. He made me laugh with his inane antics. To be honest I didn't think much of him myself, but my friends all seemed to think that he liked me.

Anyhow, at their prodding, and after connecting the dots to realize that it would really upset the whipping boy friend if I started talking to him, I got his number.

So I called him, and we got on well enough I suppose. He invited me to a movie, I said yes, on the basis that he'd have a friend there (female) and so would I (again, female). We made plans, and I lied to my mom about who I was going out to see. I was 14 and he was 17 (I think at least) anyhow, she would not have approved me going anywhere with a boy.

Remarkably we had fun.

We saw each other quite often after that, and eventually we were 'dating'.

I'll fast forward through the gooey bits, but he introduced me to theatre and his friends. Which was good.

but he was a little crazy, controlling and we did nothing but argue. Which was bad.

He would do things, like call my house ever 10 minutes if I went out with my friends, but didn't tell him where I was going, or who I was with. and there were various other little things that he'd pick on.

I found I was always on edge with him, and thus very argumentative. It didn't help that I had the biggest crush on one of his friends (whom later was not one of his friends anymore). And because I liked his friends, even though I didn't want to be around him anymore... I kept dating him. Thinking that if I could somehow convince him to break up with me, I wouldn't be the bad guy.

Yeah, I was dumb.

Anyhow, I spent the better part of a year being awful to him. And yet, he did not break up with me. Even gave me a claddagh ring for Valentines day that year. Enough was enough. I finally broke it off with him.

At first I suppose I wasn't terribly clear, because for the next 4 months or so he kept at me about getting back together. And I kept telling him where to go. Eventually, he gave up and started dating someone else, and I was finally free of him.

What's funny, is I'm pretty sure he created an ICQ profile saying that he was me, and started telling my real life friends that I wanted to break up with my boyfriend (now hubby) so I could date him again. It was really quite sad and pathetic. I also found out that he made VooDoo dolls of me.

I guess I really was pretty awful to him...

So yeah, that was a relationship that I was in from being about 14 to not quite 17. We weren't together more than 2.5 years, but man it was enough.

The best part, and i know this post has grown long but I'll be quick, is that when we broke up, I changed my style 1000fold. I had been the kind of girl who wore nothing but jeans that were too big, and oversized t-shirts. I suddenly started wearing skirts and embraced a 'gothier' style. He was VERY critical of the change. I told him to stuff it.

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eva said...

HAHA, shit, he made voodoo dolls of you?? That is pretty extreme, it would have been funny to see them. Isn't it strange and a bit sad that a lot of people get so obsessed by people who reject them and treat them bad? Ps. don't sell your camera;)