Monday, February 8, 2010

In which Shana addresses a comment

Okay, so I already did but in a less public forum.

Mister Mojo thinks I don't pat myself on the back enough.

And I don't.

I beat myself up about all my failures, and I refuse to see the light. I refuse to see the things I have managed to accomplish.

I made a goal to be more social and leave my basement more. Also to create something once a week or so. Not finish, but lay the ground work for, etc. You know what I mean. And since I did not accomplish this in entirety, I cried FAIL.

He called me out.

He told me that he had it on good authority that while I may not have left my basement, I -have- been more social (btw, for some reason when I type social, I keep typing coil. Weird, no?) and have made at least 1 friend in the last month. He also commented that I did enter a creative contest.

So I didn't make my goals. But I did make great strides in getting there. So kudos to me, right?


zakluv_145 said...

ya kudos to you! (: Tho i have only read one blog :P

eva said...

You need to practice giving yourself rewards and pats on the back!!