Monday, January 25, 2010

In Which Shana Marie has a dumb name

not really. I love my name, although there are a few... issues... that I have with it.

My mother spelled it Shana, and said it Shaw-na. Not that big of a deal until I go out into the real world. There are three factions of people out there.
  1. The group of people who have read my name on paper, and think it's pronounced Shay-na, or some variation on that theme. In school when teachers would do roll call, they would all mangle my name something awful. I was once called Sheerah. I was just happy to be the princess of power for a day!
  2. The group of people who have met me IRL, or have heard someone SAY my name, and think it's spelled Shawna, Shauna, Seana or any variation upon that theme. I once went to a wedding where they spelled my name wrong. I giggled and said it was okay. I can count on 1 hand the times my GRANDMOTHER has spelled my name correctly on my Christmas card.
  3. And the final group who somehow mystically put it all together, and somehow manage to say and spell it correctly.
I used to get upset about the misspelling or mispronunciations... but now I just kind of roll with it. It really isn't that big of a deal... and really as long as you make an attempt to say or spell it correctly in the future, it's all good.

It used to upset me that I couldn't ever find key chains, or cups or any novelty items with my name on it. then again, I rarely see the other incarnations of my name there either, so it's not so bad.

I'd never really thought about this, and how it pertained to my online life. I knew that Tryphyna was a pain in the ass to spell, considering any time I give out my email addy, I spell it out to people. But I guess I didn't think about my online handle ever being taken offline.

I just find it a little humorous is all. Perhaps I should stick with the other name I sometimes use... Bunny... but there's a story in that!

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