Tuesday, January 19, 2010

In which Shana makes ready...

So, I'm not going to go on at length about being afraid to wear what I want, or my neuroses.

(although I am pretty neurotic)

Anyhow, deciding what to wear being a point of stress for me, I decided that since I had time to prepare, I would use it wisely.

So, I showed you the dress. Since it's a March wedding here in the frozen north, I'm going to have to dress a TINY bit warmer to make sure I don't freeze. So, I plan to get a shrug, and a pair of tights to go with the dress. Also shoes, but that's kind of a given.

So I'm pretty well settled on the tights. I decided that boring pantyhose are, well, boring and as such not something I want to wear. I'm going to find black and navy (to match the dress) striped tights. I know where I can find them, but I'm having a hard time swallowing the rate to get it shipped (seriously, when the shipping costs as much as the item, there is a problem!!!). I figure if the navy is dark enough, it won't be too flashy like say, black and white tights would be. And they're 1cm stripes (in American that's a little less than half an inch).

And Granny boots. I have wanted a pair of good straight up granny boots for so long! I suspect that granny boots will go nicely with the rest of the ensemble. And they're cute!

The last thing is what is giving me the most stress, and that's the shrug. Mostly because I've found so many out there that I really really like! The front runner is the image above(from http://www.gloomth.com/r18.html ). Only in black. Red just wouldn't work. But immediately after finding that one, I found a couple more. The top three (four if you count the pic I included) are:

From www.thegothiccatwalk.co.uk

from www.blackmirrordesign.net

And from Winter Lights shop on ETSY

So what do you think? Which shrug would you pair with the dress, and do you think the outfit is TOO out of this world for a wedding? I don't think so, but I want your opinion and promise not to be hurt if you think it's dumb! :-)


eva said...

It will be an awesome outfit! I think the shrug from gothic catwalk will look great on you. It's nicely shaped at the front and I like the length of the sleeves + the lace that flares out at the elbow.

Shana-Marie said...

I LOVE those sleeves! I just wish I could see how it looked with the dress before I had to commit to one.