Monday, January 18, 2010

In Which Shana is an Addict

Hi, My name is Shana Marie(aka Tryphyna), and I've been addicted to J!NX gear since 2009. It's been, 2 days since I placed my last order.


The other day I asked the hubs if he thought it was a little sad that I had a spreadsheet detailing the shirts that I have, in chronological by date of purchase. He said yes, but not the spreadsheet part (as he knows I'm a little nerdy about putting EVERYTHING in a spreadsheet, and came to terms with that a long time ago) but the part where I have enough shirts to warrant a spreadsheet.

I argued back that I didn't have THAT many, and there are others who have WAY more than me, and that I still had to wash shirts more than once a month so I was still in the clear.

I'm not sure how, but he directly asked me if I have any other shirts that I do, and have worn in the last month or two. I finally agreed with his point... perhaps I have too many.

If I was to count all the shirts I have in my drawer or in the laundry, I'd say 17 T's and 2 Hoodies. Plus one for the boy and one for the man. I'd probably whisper to add the fact that I have another 4 coming (that last order I placed) and already have stuff in another shopping cart(not that I'll be buying them anytime soon, I'm kind of out of money for now, lol).

In the last 45 days, I have placed a total of 4 orders, 3 for me, and 1 for the boys.

And yet, I'm on the lower end of the scale when it comes to number of shirts. On twitter, the twitter knitting circle rallied around me, saying they had 28, 31, 40-45+. And that when J!NX comes out with their new stuff (jackets, pants, button downs etc.) we'll all be in trouble as those numbers will skyrocket!

Anyhow, long story short...

My name is Shana Marie, and I am a J!NX addict... but I'm not alone!


eva said...

I like that picture of you!!

Shana-Marie said...

Thank you!