Thursday, January 28, 2010

In Which Shana feels so much hate

Perhaps it's because I'm tired, and as such feeling pretty miserable right now... but I'm kind of in stressed out hate mode.

I get like this though... when I shop. This is why I HATE shopping.

Granted, I'm a good shopper. Great even... when I'm not feeling task orientated.

Random shopping is great. It's easy simply because I can just look, and if there is a deal, there's a deal. As long as I'm going to wear/use the item I can buy it. But there is no pressure. I'm not under the gun, and if I don't find anything, it's not a big deal. No consequences.

But when it comes to finding specific items for a specific task... well, I am a terrible shopper.

There are 2 major strikes against me.
  1. I have a very specific image/idea in my mind for what I want
  2. I do not like to spend money on myself

This is why I was gleeful to have found a dress that would work, at a reasonable price as early as I did. I knew that there would be things I had to get to go along with the dress (tights, shoes, shrug, bra) but I figured I could work with it.

Sadly, I suck at shopping. And now that I have a vision in my head... nothing is specifically fitting it.

Well no, that's not quite true. Things HAVE fit it... I just don't want to spend the money on it.

Part of me thinks that I might be able to put a better outfit together for less money and less stress. And I might.

I've got a couple of days before I really have to decide(a few of the shrugs I'm looking at are custom order and need time to be made)

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eva said...

I always feel guilty about spending money on myself as well, it's rubbish, we both need to stop feeling guilty for it!