Sunday, January 31, 2010

In which Darkness falls

I've been silent the last few days.

I'm not sure how much longer I'm going to be silent.

The fact of the matter is I battle with anxiety and depression every single day of my life.

It's hard. Most days are okay, but some are darker than others.

This last week has been a bad week, for a number of reasons. (None of which I will discuss here)

When I get like I am right now, I'm over sensitive, reactionary, and I cry a lot. All of which I will not be sharing with the Internet this time. (save for this post)

Don't worry about me, I'll pull out of this... I always do.


Faeriemusejo said...

Hey girl! It's ok to be all those things.... it makes you who you are. I happen to like who you are very much. Depression isn't something someone can tell you to snap out of, and it isn't something that ever really goes away. It really does help to have people to talk to, and if you ever need me, I'm there. <3 you!

eva said...

I struggle with my mood as well, and the lack of sun isn't making it any better. Try not to over-think things while you're feeling down!