Wednesday, December 2, 2009

IN which shana likes pretty things

I really do. And I also tend to not think that the things I think are pretty are things that other people think are pretty.

Some would think I'm insane. But, they're not me, so it's okay!

I've rediscovered barrettes and hair clips and hair bands and other wonderful pretty things. I like the frilly, lacy and the macabre equally. I recently discovered a wonderful website that sells hats and fell in love. Not having the money for a hat though I fell in love on the cocktail page.

This little fascinator is one I immediately fell for. I WANT IT(!) and have told my husband as such.

Somehow I doubt he'll get it for me (not having a credit card of his own) but a girl can dream. There are a few things on Etsy that I'm looking at, and may get on my own as well. I figure a girl needs pretty things to put in her hair when she gets a new hairdo, right?


eva said...

You could easily make your own with some hair clips, glue, feathers, glitter, lace, paint, beads, random objects.. You make hair bands, so I don't see why you can't make fascinators!
I have a lot of plastic bugs, and am thinking of making bug+lace fascinators for myself out of them.

Shana-Marie said...

I probably could... I just don't have the skeleton hands! I may keep my eyes open for hallowe'enie stuff that I could use.

You should make buggy lacy fascinators! I would totally wear one!