Wednesday, December 16, 2009

In Which Shana is an ugly duckling

And I really don't mean the kind that turns into a swan.

My MIL compliments elements of my personal style. She loves a long skirt I wear, or a jacket or two that I own. She thinks it's kind of quirky that I wear running shoes and boots (chucks and doc's) with skirts and dresses.

But underneath all of the compliments I dont' think she approves.

I thought we'd gotten passed this trying to change the way I dress. Granted, there were always, and I suspect always will be, comments about the monochrome nature (black) I dress, but she'd stopped picking out things that sparkled or had too much pattern for me. She even went so far as to pick out a fantastic choker (that she'll give me in 2 weeks).

So I thought we were passed the 'mom who raised a boy and is super happy to have a daughter she can dress up in her own vision' bullshit.

Then comes this coming weekend, which I know hasn't occured yet, but it will.

anyhow, she's got an exchange student who wants to 'drink alcohol' for her 19th birthday. So the hubs and I are more than happy to take her out for a night on the town... in Toronto. Which is cool. I am totally good with this idea, I love getting to Toronto.

But the reality of this has come crashing down onto me. We're going to a CLUB.

I can count on 1 hand how many clubs I've been to, and each and every time I've stood out like a sore thumb. For one, I don't dance. I never have. But then, I'll bet if I went with friends that I actually knew and had a few drinks in me, I might be able to get passed that hurdle.

And for two I don't know how to dress, and a lot of the girls there tend to dress kind of slutty... and I can't pull that off (my low self image tells me it'd be hideous if I tried dressing like a slut. All fat and celulite everyewhere.... yuck!).

So my MIL asked me how I was planning on dressing to go out. I said I'd prolly just wear what I nromally wear. Chucks, funky tights, one of my black skirts, maybe something a little dressier than a J!NX shirt, but prolly not.... and she says to me that she's got this black satin jacket thingy that could dress 'anything' up.

umm... ok... it's black satin. That's a plus.

she went on to describe it. It's got a fringe she says. This makes me twitch a little. It's got a ruffle she adds. This makes me wince. And it ties up in the front with a big bow. This makes me cover the >gag< with a pained 'oh, I guess I could see if it'd work'.

I wish I had thought about this LAST week. if I had, I could have made a payment on my Credit card and ordered one of the many dresses I've drooled on from Lip-Service. Sadly, even with express shipping, it wouldn't quite be in time.

All I know is I either need to find something that's very ME and pretty to go out, or find a polite way to say "thanks but no."


Vicky M said...

I feel your pain. I really do. I think we need to get you out here for some goth/alt clubbing with me and my girls (all 2 of them!). Maybe when it starts to get a little warmer out? Or perhaps when it comes time for the stagette? I'm sure we'll probably hit up Velvet, Savage, or some other alt club.

I love your goth/alt/steam/geek look! Keep it up!!

Shana-Marie said...

heh... at some point, if I ever manage to put together the wardrobe of clothes I want!

This weekend I think the plan is to hit Circa because it's an EXPERIENCE (so I'm told), and then maybe go somewhere a little more low key.

eva said...

Ughh it's so hard to know what to say when someone tries to be friendly and lends you something that totally isn't your style.. I'm not sure it IS friendly, though, for fucks sake, I'm sure you have much funkier clothes of your own.
Ps. life is too short to wait for the purrrfect dress to wear before you feel you can go out.. Pps. after a couple of drinks you won't even care what you're wearing as long as it's comfy ;)