Monday, December 14, 2009

In which shana is MIA

Here's my week(and weekend) in review.

I didn't blog simply because I didn't feel like it.

There was no drama, angst, tears, illness or any real reason for my week off. I just didn't feel like blogging. So rather than trying to build up a buffer, or explaining this, I decided to just leave it alone.

Anyhow, this weekend was kind of interesting.

We got a new TV. It's ginormous.

It's a 52 inch sharp, and we got a really good deal on it so even though I didn't want to get a TV yet, we got it anyhow. So yea, Saturday we picked it up. Friday we got cable. I've missed TV.

Oh, and I know this isn't a 'weekend' thing, but on Thursday i got my hair done. We covered all the pink with a dark brown (similar to my natural colour) and did a kind of halo of blue around my head. It's quite lovely, and I am VERY happy with it.

There was Thai dinner in there too, but honestly, there isn't all that much for me to review this weekend, so I'll stop there.

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