Tuesday, December 29, 2009

In which Shana is the butt of the joke... or head as it were

Every year for Christmas, my family gets together. It's a fun, quite relaxed affair with my brothers and their girlfriends, and my niece and nephew.

We have dinner, and gifts, and every year since I was about 15 or so, we play a trick on someone.

The year we kicked it off, I was in a pretty hardcore hair gel phase. I had to get more every week it seemed, so everyone (friends and family) included hair gel in each and every gift they gave me. And thus started a tradition.

We've created home alone boxes, given 50 bottles of shower gel, had a cow theme, and all kinds of little tricks. They haven't gotten me since that first one, while we've started repeating the others. I made an off hand comment about how it had been some time since I was tricked, and sadly it was the wrong thing to say.

Now, since I'm often a driving force behind getting the trick off the ground, when my mom stopped asking me too many questions, I got suspicious. So when I got handed the 'special' package at the end of the gifting, I was not even slightly surprised.

It's kind of a joke that I'm a little obsessive about my hair, so it was a hair themed package. It included wonderful things like fake hair, shampoo (to help get the dye out should I ever use punky colours again) and neat hair gels that glow under black light.

All in all good fun, and now I know I'm safe for another decade or so.

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