Wednesday, December 23, 2009

In Which it's shanas Christmas week

Yeah, I've been slacking, but I've been a little bit busy, and a little bit lazy and a lot of awesome!

I'm STILL waiting on 2 of the hubs gifts to arrive. They should be here today or tomorrow. I hope it's today, because if it's tomorrow, it could get messy (I'm headed into town to help my mom get a gift set up for my step father and may not be home until after 6, and while the post office is normally open until 930, I suspect that will not be the case on Christmas eve)

Keep your fingers crossed for me.

today Ima unwrap and rewrap a few of the hubs' pressies. He thinks he knows what they are (and sadly he's right) so I'm going to repackage them so he can't be so sure he knows what they are. I'm awesome like that!

Yesterday I went on the annual shopping trip with my MIL. I generally try avoiding this trip, in the hopes that she'll go on her own, because I always feel so greedy when we go. You see, she gets me to pick out clothing things for her to wrap up and put under the tree for me. So, the shopping trip involves "I like this, you should buy it for me".

Her heart is in the right place. This started when a few years back she gave me this sequined top... that was SO not me. I think she just wants to avoid getting me things that I won't like, so I go along with it.

This year though... I don't think she approved of some of my choices. Case in point, I picked out this cute fish net top. Granted, if I was the type of person who'd wear that and tape up my nipples and go out looking like that, I could see her reservations. (I mean seriously, my boobs are a D to a DD depending on the bra, so there'd be a lot of meat on display if I was to do that) But a) I do not have the confidence or lack of self respect to do that b) I am allergic to glue (even non latex bandaids give me hives) and c) I don't go anywhere that that type of attire (or lack thereof) would be appropriate, I would not. I indicated that I would wear it under one of the MANY Tshirts I have acquired over the last year (Thanks @JINX!) so I'd have sleeves to help keep me a little warmer.

She told me that it wasn't pretty, and therefore she had reservations about getting it. So I found a black lacy tutu type skirt in the same store, and told her that was pretty. I'm fairly certain she caved. But my mom was there to help with the final decision.

I'm not really sure that there is much more for me to say here.

In the event that I don't post here again before (and I likely will not as I have to get my butt moving and scan, and 'shop a few photos for my mom, and wont' be home for much of tomorrow) have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays... and if I missed anything that people do celebrate, then Happy or Merry that too!


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