Monday, November 30, 2009

Shana's weekend in review

So the weekend before the one that just passed was 'lame' and this weekend was not.

Friday night we had homemade nachos for dinner. It was lovely. I also gave my hubby his birthday present a little early (his birthday is today) because I was stupidly excited to see his reaction to it. I got him a (probable knockoff) Ed Hardy wallet. He loved it by the by!

Then I didn't really sleep. Even taking Melatonin, I'm still not sleeping well. I fall asleep better than I ever have, but I just can't seem to STAY asleep. Anyhow, the end result was on Saturday morning I was crabby. And when the hubs didn't have any coffee for me, I was even crabbier.

They resolved this by getting me Starbucks shortly after we got to the Galleria Mall in Buffalo.

We weren't brave enough to go shop on Black Friday, so we went out Saturday.

The hubs was convinced that we were going to spend hundreds of dollars because of ALL THE DEALS he figured they had. I told him he was dumb and that while there would be some deals, there wouldn't be as many as he thought. In the end, I was correct. The deals were good, but we barely put a dent in our Christmas shopping.

Sunday we wound up finishing getting presents for our boy. We ended up going over budget on him by a little bit. It's my fault really.

We were clearly UNDER budget before we went to toys R us. We saw the Unicron Transformer and that he was on sale. We told the child that we were done his shopping and that maybe Santa or someone else could get it for him.

He was a little grumpy about it, but we moved on.

He decided he was going to buy something for his friend... (who happens to be Mrs. AwesomePants' son) with his own money. I fully 100% supported this.

He picked a little stuffy thing from Club penguin.

He then wanted to get something ELSE too. What he decided to get is what made me almost cry in the middle of the store. He wanted to buy this set for $40. Now I know there are a lot of people out there who would think that $40 on a gift is a small price to pay, but when the kid has $100 to spend on 2 sets of grandparents, parents and a friend... it's kind of a huge deal.

He and I talked it over... and eventually I got him to pick something else that was a little smaller. He told me that he was a little disappointed in me for discouraging him to get the bigger gift. He went on to tell me that he would figure out a way to get it later.

I looked at my husband, and when he saw my eyes filling with tears, he simply nodded and grabbed our boy taking him to another part of the store. I raced to get Unicron and pay for him before they caught me.

I went over on my gift buying because my son wanted to go over his.

I still feel really bad for not supporting him in the gift he picked out. But my son has the biggest heart of any kid I know. I'm just so glad that he's FINALLY understanding that Christmas is about giving. (2 years ago I was told that his Xmas was lame because he didn't get many presents)

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