Tuesday, November 10, 2009

In which Shana is forgetful

One of the many problems with batch blogging (what I call writing up posts for a week or more at a time and having them come out one at a time thereafter) is that you get used to it. And then when you go on a week long hiatus, you wind up behind the 8ball.

Anyhow... It turns out that I have an abbreviated period of time in which to write this, as I now need to get myself ready to go into town to arrange a few things...

So I'll talk glasses, and sadly there are no peektures as I'm not taking the time to find any.

I got my first pair of glasses when I was 17. I had always wanted a pair. I know, strange right? But I always thought that glasses were super smexy and I wanted to be smexy, so I figured getting glasses would totes make smexy.

Right... so enter the first pair of glasses.

I loved those so much it hurt. And they were awful. They were pink plastic and cheap but I loved them even though they looked awful on me. I let the lady at the glasses store talk me out of the pair I really wanted, because she said that dark frames would look awful on me.

I wore those for years, until I left them on a desk at work, and they got hidden behind a monitor. It was just over a year later that they were found again. Anyhow, I decided I hated those glasses and decided to get a new pair.

2 new pairs as it turns out. I finally got my black frames, and a wire frame that looked pretty awesome on me. I rarely wore the wire framed ones, and wore the black framed ones all the time.

Until one day I wore them to the gym and left them in a locker never to see them again.

I was pretty happy with my wire frames until one day the case fell out of my purse into the drive way and they got run over. They weren't TOO mangled, but they were bad enough that I wound up going for yet another pair.

And that's where I am now. I got 3 pairs about 2.5 years ago. My black half frame Ralph Laurens (which my cat knocked off my desk and I stepped on them, meaning I now must get a new lense for them) my blue Miumiu's (which I still wear all the time, they're kind of boxy and awesome, and a black plastic pair that I think I accidentally left behind at a sunglasses store.

So yeah... the moral of this story... I love my glasses but I'm about as responsible as a 7 year old when it comes to keeping them safe.

And sorry for the lameness of this post. It's super lame, and I've gotta run. My bike won't exercise itself and I've gotta head to town (wish me luck that we can get a car or fix ours today!)

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