Wednesday, November 11, 2009

In which shana gets ahead of herself

But not really.

This week in my little crafters corner, I'd like to feature a website I just discovered. It is called P.S. I made this.

I am actually having a hard time blogging this post, because I keep seeing awesome things on the site that is inspiring me to complete a project I have in mind.

I am totally in love with this site, and I'm sure a few of you (I'm SO looking at you Eva since you're about the crafitiest person I know!)

So enjoy the site, and *fingers crossed* Next week I'll show off a project that I have in the works myself!


Maddie said...

yay! welcome back. hope things r better on your end!

Shana-Marie said...

They are for the most part! Thanks!

eva said...

Oh wow that is such a cool website! I'm supposed to be painting right now but now I'm stuck looking through all the funky diy ideas... I obviously wasn't THAT focused on painting already though, as I'm reading your blog and all instead of painting ;)