Wednesday, November 18, 2009

In which Shana diverts from her project

When I was a younger lady in my teens, I used to bake a lot. And my brothers would eat everything I baked almost before it was out of the oven. So at Christmas time, I used to make the boys cookies and pies. I'd spend a good 3 days of my Christmas vacation right before Christmas baking and baking and baking. I remember one year I had just gotten started on my baking when our power went out.


It was Christmas eve, and I was already staring down the barrel of baking all night when it happened. I had to call my mom (and this was before cellphones were as huge as they are) and track her down so we could find out what happened and get our power back.

Anyhow this year, I think I'd like to revisit this tradition. I'm going to make custom gift baskets for my brothers and their respective partners (one is engaged and the other has a girlfriend). I'll make a few different types of cookies, and there's also going to be some bath stuff (I get a discount at the bodyshop) and I'm thinking I may get some coffee and stuff from
a friend of mine. I'm not entirely sure what else to put in it, but I know I'm going to include a gift card for dinner too.

It'll be fun!

(style post to come tomorrow, when I wear the project again, and get pictures of it)


eva said...

Most people have so much stuff anyway that it's a clever idea to get them something that they can eat, as then it will actually be used instead of gathering dust.
I need to learn how to bake so I can make cookies for my brothers, it's so hard to come up with stuff to craft for men, or at least my brothers, as they're too practical (like; "I already have a hat, I don't need another".. aghh!!), but food stuff would be perfect!
Do you have a winner chocolate cookie recipe?

Shana-Marie said...

My brothers are like that too, although they'll smile and accept the gift

Hoping this link adds properly... I just use the recipe from the box of shortening (lard or whatever) I used. I'm a big fan of the Crisco one (I took a picture of the box, because I was too lazy to find the recipe on the internet) but it's never let me fail. It's super easy, and I even had my son help last time I made them. I suggest doing a practice run or two just until you know what your oven is like. I know in mine I have to put the temp a few degrees below what it's says or my cookies will burn! cookie recipe

eva said...

Hah thanks for telling me to practice it a few times first, I probably would have left it really late & fucked it up otherwise;)