Monday, November 9, 2009

In which Shana dips her toes into a geeky pool

So, this is more of a warm up post than anything else. It's been a bit since I last blogged and I need to flex those muscles again.

So, the gaming systems that we have in the house are our PC's (Twoie - mine and Prince - my uninspired husbands), the DS's (mine [which is in need of a new top screen] and the child's [which is just kind of gross]) and our Wii.

Normally it breaks down like this....

The hubs plays on his PC. I normally play on the PC but there are a few Wii games that were procured just for me (Twilight princess, Okami, Metroid Corruption [although I cannot play it, makes my vertigo go crazy]) and the child plays almost exclusively on the Wii.

This weekend though, there was a shift in balance for who played what.

The child wasn't home, so it was just the hubs and I, and we picked up
Boom Blox Bash Party. I have to tell you, I was prepared to hate this game. All I heard about it was that it was like Jenga on steroids and that Spielberg had created it.

Well, I've never played jenga and I tend to think when entertainers cross into another entertainment stream, it's often a mistake.

I was pleasantly surprised to quite enjoy the game! We smashed each others towers, and help each other get points all weekend long. It was so much fun, that it's one of the games that I'll be bringing to Mrs. AP's house should we do a game night there again!


eva said...

What do you play on your DS? I've got a DS, but I need some new games for it. I like games that aren't stressful, hehe.

Shana-Marie said...

On the DS... lets see, I've got...
Super Mario Bros
Legend of Zelda
Final Fantasy 3
Puzzle Quest
Brain age 2
ummm... a few others but those are the best ones that I use all the time.

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