Wednesday, October 28, 2009

no post today

I'll try picking up the creativity post either today or tomorrow, but I don't think I'll be getting it done today.

Between my netbook being violated, and my son getting suspended from school, I'm just not in the mind set to write, or be creative.

That, and I've got to be on a bus shortly to get into teh city to get my son and drag his sorry butt home.

I should have stayed in bed today.


Melina and Denise said...

Holy crap! What happened with your son? Is he OK?

Shana-Marie said...

He HATES his teacher. but I thought I'd made progress with him last night, I thought he understood that while he may not like his teacher, she only wanted to make sure he did his best.

I don't know how it started, but he started yelling at her, and kicked a chair across the room. He was then sent from the room for 15 minutes, and screamed at her the whole time he was being made to leave.

When he came back, he mimed shooting his classmates and started shouting he hates school.

before this year, he has NEVER been like this. That's what all the teachers are saying. Part of me just wants to pull him out of the school, and figure something else out.

Michelle said...

I hope it gets better!!!

eva said...

Shit! How old is your son? He's not old enough for puberty hormonal hell?? And does he get on with other kids at school?
I agree with him that school sucks, I personally hated it and I also disliked a lot of my teachers and class"mates". Teachers can be bullies too.
I hope you figure out what to do. Is there any other schools he could go to? I always wished my parents would have sent me to a waldorf school. Or maybe all this stuff he's going through is just part of a learning experience.. god, it must be hard work to have a child!! So much to worry about :s

Shana-Marie said...

@Michelle - Thank you so very much... it's nice to not feel alone!

@Eva - he's 8, and the school says that it's only been the last 2 weeks that his behavior has changed like this. he's become anxious, and quick to anger. It's odd, I can't think of anything that's changed here, save for drama this weekend, but even that doesn't fit the timeline. I really wish I could get him into a private school, they'd be better equipped to deal with him there I think. But, I'm afraid that changing the school won't help him. I think in part he needs to learn to accept responsiblity for his actions...

I don't know, I'm at a loss.

eva said...

:s How strange that it happened so sudden.
It would be nice if it was easy to ask children what was going on, but it's often hard to get them to open up. Maybe a children's therapist could have spoken to him.
I read that you planned on calling the F.A.C.S. It must have taken a lot of courage! Would they be able to help with a therapist??
Good luck to you and mr. Little Man with figuring all of this out, I hope it works out for the best!!