Friday, October 9, 2009

In which Shana tries to be interesting

Generally speaking, my life these days is pretty boring. Nearly completely uninteresting. But not much happens, which I don't really mind. I'll take boring to soapopera drama any day!

I generally spend a lot of time in my basement, at this very computer. Sometimes I shop online (I love Etsy), sometimes I'll game (Finished halflife 2, and am working on the witcher and FEAR 2), sometimes I'll watch TV shows (NCIS is TEH awesome), sometimes I'll tweet and quite often, I blog, building up more buffer.

Here's the trouble I'm experiencing with the blog.

I'm not sure how to keep it interesting.

I know, I can delve back into my life story, which has a lot of soapopera style drama to it, but I just haven't had the mojo stirred up in me to get back to it. I know I could go all mommy blogger style, and go off about my kid all the time (though the thought of that makes me want to vomit) but I doubt that'd be really interesting. I could wine, and cry and be the cryass that I tend to be, but that is only interesting in small doses, and gets old REAL fast.

So, how do I keep this blog interesting?

I think I've done a reasonably okay job thus far, but I worry that I won't be able to keep it up for long.

I've thought about cutting down the frequency of my posts, like perhaps Monday, Wednesday, Friday, or even just Tuesday and Thursday posting. But I don't think that'd work either. It'd mean less posts for me to wonder about whether or not I'm interesting.

I guess I'm running into this because I've always been a life blogger (save for the first blog which was decidedly mommy bloggish), and life blogging is random, and sometimes depressing. I'd like to think that I'm trying to grow up from all that (and I have, if you read through the archives of the old blogs... like that whole Dead Journal I had WAY back in the day).

I think, that rather than rampant rants, and random life posts, I perhaps need a little more structure. So, I ask you, faithful readers, for help with this. I want to try doing 'theme' days.

Here are the ideas that I'm kind of considering. I'm totes up for suggestions, and none of these are set in stone.

'Geeked out Monday' - Have you ever rocked out with your geek out? This'd be a day to talk about all things geek. I have a fairly loose definition of the word geek, but I'm sure I could tighten it up as I went along.

'Stylish Tuesday' - I'd post pictures of myself, or people and talk about the fashion/style statement being made. This could be totes fun!

'Creative Wednesday' - I'd talk about all things creative. Creative writings, or any crafty projects I've taken on. Even creative tasks that I'd love to take on, but don't have the skills or materials to do so yet.

'Appreciative Thursday' - I tried doing a Thanks for Thursdays thing way back when, but when you spend 90% of your time in a basement, it's hard to say thank you for some things. Anyhow, I'd talk about things that I appreciate, movies, books, blogs, tweeple... whatever.

And finally 'free for all Friday' - I'd be able to use this space for whatever I wanted. Be it lifestory posts, or randomness of the week.

I worry that this might be a little too structured for me, but I'm willing to try it out, and I'd really like to know what your thoughts are on all of this. I mean, if no one read this, I'd have no reason to keep writing, right?


A Dreams-Teller said...

Visiting you from Twitter. Please keep going with your blog. I know how you feel--in a slump right now. I've had that feeling too. Like your ideas.
Have you tried memes? What about signing up with Mr. Linky? Just throwing out random thoughts. Have a dreamy weekend!

eva said...

Stylish Tuesday sounds great! It would be fun to see pictures of your outfits! I'm a visual person so I love to see pictures of stuff, so just pictures in general is great. I've also read somewhere that people tend to like blogs with pictures.

Maybe posting some pictures in your blog sometimes would encourage you to work on your photography skills!

Creative Wednesday sounds good too, I'm such a craft geek that I drool over other people's crafts or even just pictures of their craft supplies (! I know, crazy, huh?). I wouldn't bother about being too organized and strict about it though, who cares if you post a Geeky Monday post on a Sunday ? ;) Write about what you like, I like your blog as it is.

I'll let you know if I can think of more ideas, all I can think of now is Caturday lol.

Shana-Marie said...

ADT - Thank you for your kind words! I plan to keep going with the blog, I just worry that if I keep up with the stream of conciousness blogging, I'll start repeating myself, but don't you worry, this blog isn't going to be abandonded any time soon!

Eva - It's SO going to be fun to do Tuesday posts! Though, I may call upon my dear friends, IRL and blog/twitter to give me a little inspiration!
Creative days are going to sort of force me out of my slump I think, though the one I have planned for thist week is a tiny bit of a cop out, but whatevs, I'll work on it!
If I could have gotten all my cats together, I was going to post pictures of them just for you! We'll see if I can do it next week!

eva said...

:D That would be awesome!

Cadeaux said...

Creative Wednesday sounds good too, I'm such a craft geek that I drool over other people's crafts or even just pictures of their craft supplies. I wouldn't bother about being too organized and strict about it.