Wednesday, October 7, 2009

In which Shana thinks about self aware animals

(since I'm fast becoming a crazy cat lady, I figured I might as well do a cat post)

One of the first conversations I had with my husband (then boyfriend) about souls, where they go when we die, and whether or not animals have them.

He was on the side that animals were not self aware, and as such could not have a soul. He's gone on to say other things about animals, like they don't feel pain while giving birth, or feel pleasure while procreating.

He's begun to rethink some of his points over the years. Mostly because of our cat Tigger.

Now we've always known that Tigger is a little off as far as cats go. She's not feral, but she's got a wild streak in her a mile wide. I'm about the only person that she trusts. Now, since she's always determined to get outside we decided to try her on a harness at one point.

It did not work out, at all. So we stopped using it.

Except for those times that she would go into heat, and kept the child up all night with her whining and howling. We'd keep her tied up downstairs until we were sure he was asleep. It wasn't enough to close doors, since she can find ways to open them, or will climb through the drop ceiling. But the harness, she just slinks around the floor and can't do much else.

Since she had the babies last June, she hasn't been in heat for sometime. So we haven't used the harness. I hadn't kept track of where it was until just this last week. The stupid emotionally disturbed cat will pick the harness up, and bring it to the same room we're in (i.e. kitchen, living room, bedroom) and cry while pawing/chewing at it.

We really do suspect that she is now emotionally scarred by this stupid harness. And based on this the hubby is willing to concede that cats, perhaps, have self awareness.

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